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Listening to the last Tiziano Ferro's cd... God, it's Gorgeous... Have you heard "Ti guarda Alice"? it mskes me cry each time... or "Salutandotiaffogo"... Beautiful....
Wjen I listen to masterpieces like those ones I almost start believing in God :)
By the way... what a sad thing Pessotto's suicide attempt... Life's being so hard for everyone, this months.. need to see a bit of happiness... like... a child laughing...I don't know...
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Tiziano Ferro - Nessuno è solo
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Ok, I can0t get it anymore.
I'm tired, completely exhausted of living in this country.
I hate Italy when it comes to serious - or less serious - things....

I love footbal, Juventus fan, I can't loose even a match. And when it comes to my beloved Italy, I could even kill.
BUT! I am tired, completely tired of people who judge without knowing, which comments without seeing... Im fucking tired oj journalists that have decided that DelPiero is done and don't SEE that three of our best chances for goals were built up by him!!!


P.S._ maturity is going quite good: written tests: 42 + 19 credit points = 61

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Ok, I know I came late but... Jared Leto came out of the closet??? gorgeous!!!!when's Colin's turn???

By the way, i'm doing my maturity exam in these days, that's what my absebìnce is for....

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I feel so lonely... Got no one to talk to, got my heart still bleeding and still missng the only person I'll ever love...
I don't know anymore what to do... I just hope sufference will end, a day or an other.. and that I'll find my place in the world...
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So... working right now... my 6.5 hours of working are going to end tonight at 22 pm...
None of you knows but... You know that people who, in radio, tell you how's being the traffic?
Well, I am:) on 105 classics and RMC...
And so we get to know all those people from the radio, you know.. and... there is this guy from the radio (never seen him, just heard his voice) who's trying to get in my pants....
Maybe gonna see him tonight, but still dunno what to do....
Any advice girls??
Going to see this 30 years old guy never seen before?
Or keep hoping my ex boyfriend will come back one day??

Dunno what to do!!!!


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Yesterday i went to a concert... of Caparezza... probably just the Italian ones will know anything about him... But... HE WAS GREAT!! you cannot even imagin...
The best concert of my life, I swear...
And his co-singer, Diego... he's such a sexy and hot and gorgeous guy!
I swear I was going to jump on the stage and have him there :)



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Caparezza - Io vengo dalla luna
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I'm back girls, I'm back and I'm here to stay...
Got really big news, like my heart being broken and living all alone, and working and studying.. But I manage to keep my sanity:)

My, oh my sweethearts... how are you??
Please tell me something about how your lives have been...
And, Romi..
THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for emailing me on my birthday :D
I love you so much!!!!

I can't wait to hear something from you!!!!



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HI there... i Know, I know it's been ages, don't tell me... M y life has been completely fuckud up and then recovered again....

All I can tell you is that I am actually going to have a life since now on, so aay a littl epray for me... school is getting over me, trying to suffocate me, but I'm trying to resist and keep on living my way. I have a BOYfriend now. Yeah, exactly, tyou understood. I thought I lived my life just for women, then I see tyhis 22 years old boy and just fall in love with him. Completely. At first sight. It happens that he was already interested in me because he had seen me acting, so everything got so easy... Obviously there are problems (I mean, I still can't stand the thouight of not having a female body in my ands, and he's kinda bisexual, I mean... he is attracted to guys, but he has never tried, and this is what scares me more.... But you know, bullshits,.,..) but it looks like I'm really happy for the first time in my life. So, i'll cross my fingers and hope my future is going to be bright....

When I say it has been a really bad period, I really mean it... One week ago, I almost attempted suicide, didn't live in mty house for almost two weekas, my parents hate me for various reasons, almost got pregnant, wanted it, even if just for an afternoon, and then got my operiod and started thinking I couldn't have a baby because Im too dirty, and I don't deserve it. Then, tried to get up from my depression, almost done it, but stopped working on me to start working on my boyfriend, who's even more depressed than me, and I really don't know how to help him.

My relationship, friendship, I mean, with my ex-guirlfriend is getting more and more better, and sometimes I do wonder if I still feel something for her... There is something but I really can't tell you what....

So, this was a big sum of what happened to me... what about you, sweethearts?

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So... yeah.... shatzy_shell has given me some delicious pictures about elijah and I worked upon them.... (so this work is soooooooo obviously for her :D thank you dar'!:D)

My love has left for holydays. I'm sick.

Luv youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu


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for good - wicked
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I'm really worried about the London explosions... I hope everyone is good...
What the hell...
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